Chris Brake is a street chalk artist.   It shouldn’t be hard to notice him, as there’s usually more chalk on Chris than the street.  He began this hobby 15 years ago, frightened by the art size and number of people that would be watching.  An instant obsession was born.  Chris has since been a Featured Artist multiple times and has placed in various festival award rankings, including Best in Show, Best Use of Color, Best Technique, and Most Whimsical. But he admits that much of his growth is attributed to watching his peers.  Studying, inquiring, experimenting, and plenty of patience have allowed Chris to improve each year.  His love for the art form continues to push him to find new techniques and styles.

Chris’ favorite aspect of street chalk art is the public interaction. It allows him to share his passion with others, while also meeting the many wonderful people that come out and support the arts. Chris finds the temporary nature of chalk art appealing; like a snapshot in time.  Something special created for those people in attendance.  While most art is viewed in its final form, street art provides the opportunity for the audience to see art as a work in progress.