Lysa Ashley is an artist and teacher from Corona, California.

For the past 22 years, one of her primary creative outlets has been “streetpainting”, an art form that is a type of performance art. She travels all around the country and internationally to festivals, where she uses soft pastels directly onto the asphalt or concrete to create huge works of art.  Spectators filter past, fascinated at being able to watch the art actually in progress – a rare treat.

Art is integrated into Lysa’s kindergarten classroom lessons as much as possible, and she has also taught numerous streetpainting workshops to both children and adults. She has been highly involved in the STEAM movement at her school, and has brought the art of streetpainting to the students in after school programs.

When not streetpainting, Lysa is busy creating works of art in many different media, but she especially enjoys scratchboard, acrylic paint, ball-point pen, and of course, soft pastel. Portraiture, animals, and fantasy are her favorite subjects.