Sharyn Chan is a unique blend of scientist, artist, hop-hop dancer/choreographer, and a motorcycle racer. A self taught artist and student of her fellow street painters, she works traveling around the world as a street artist; solo, with friends, and as a part of various teams. She also works as a hip hop dance instructor and a government contract project manager and artist. She was born to be an artist; drawing illustrations of rabbits and bears at age 3, but her career path took a different turn in college where she graduated with a computer science degree and stayed in that field for 30+ years. While programming for a living, she dabbled in the artistic side of computers diving into Photoshop and graphic arts on the side. I was not until she met world-class street painters at Santa Barbara I Madonnari in 2000 that she learned about the ancient art form of street painting. Rekindling her passion for art, Sharyn began street painting in her hometown of Santa Barbara and has traveled all over the world participating in festivals and street painting to her heart’s content. She also does mural work and commissions. Her work can be seen in cities such as Santa Barbara, California; Redwood City, California; Jordan, Minnesota and various private homes throughout the nation.