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We’re looking for incredible artists to create extraordinary art!  Because making art is all about the journey and what better way to enjoy creating than with others to witness the magic you bring to life.  Pastels are the medium and the street is your canvas.

There are no fees to participate. All artists will receive supplies to create their work, goodie bag, festival T-shirt, food…an of course, an incredible audience to view your masterpiece.

No idea what street painting is or how to do it?  No problem!!  We will host several artists workshops for anyone interested in learning more about street painting or just to get a feel for what our event is all about.

A completed Sign Up Form is required from anyone interested in participating in the festival. We are trying to raise funds to bring in at least 75 artists. Funding of artists expenses is based on the financial abilities of our 501c3 nonprofit.

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Things to know…

What If I have never street painted before?2019-10-01T15:53:20-07:00

Everyone starts somewhere and Via Las Vegas welcomes artists who are new to street painting.  We will be hosting several hands on street painting workshops to share all the tips and tricks, and help with design and layout of your imagery.  Everyone is a little nervous their first time but remember you’ll be out there with 100 other artists working side by side.  So you won’t be in it alone.

What can I use to create my artwork?2019-10-01T15:47:29-07:00

In the tradition of street painting, we will only allow soft pastel / chalk to be used on the street.  The streets of Tivoli are paved in a beautiful herringbone pattern.  We must be respectful of the space and prevent any damage to the stone.  No paint, oil pastel, or sealers will be allowed.

Via Las Vegas will provide all artists with soft pastel sets to create their work.  But you are welcome to bring your own in addition.



What happens if it rains?2019-10-01T15:39:35-07:00

Via Las Vegas will be held sprinkle or shine. If the forecast calls for rain, we will take every precaution to protect the artwork until the storm passes.

How much does it cost to attend the Festival?2020-02-21T11:42:29-08:00

Via Las Vegas is our gift to the city.  Admission is FREE.

When and where is Via Las Vegas?2020-02-21T11:42:09-08:00

Via Las Vegas takes place on September 19th – 20th at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas.


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