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Via Las Vegas Street Painting Festival is a new event who’s goal is to create a free annual cultural event that celebrates the the 500 year old tradition of street painting and engages the community with diverse and interactive artistic activities.

In our inaugural year, we would like to extend an invitation to local high school students to submit an application for the chance to be a Via Alievo Artist. Via Alievo gives local high school students the opportunity to showcase their work alongside more than 100 professional artists from Las Vegas and across the U.S. and gives the community a chance to applaud and cultivate its up and coming young talent. Student winners will have the opportunity to work under the tutelage of an artist mentor, have their work photographed and highlighted in the media, receive goodie bag, supplies, festival T-shirt, and to attend all

Via Las Vegas events along with other student and professional artists. We are excited to invite Art Teachers and their Students to join us in creating a truly iconic cultural event.

Things to know…

What If I have never street painted before?2019-10-01T15:53:20-07:00

Everyone starts somewhere and Via Las Vegas welcomes artists who are new to street painting.  We will be hosting several hands on street painting workshops to share all the tips and tricks, and help with design and layout of your imagery.  Everyone is a little nervous their first time but remember you’ll be out there with 100 other artists working side by side.  So you won’t be in it alone.

What can I use to create my artwork?2019-10-01T15:47:29-07:00

In the tradition of street painting, we will only allow soft pastel / chalk to be used on the street.  The streets of Tivoli are paved in a beautiful herringbone pattern.  We must be respectful of the space and prevent any damage to the stone.  No paint, oil pastel, or sealers will be allowed.

Via Las Vegas will provide all artists with soft pastel sets to create their work.  But you are welcome to bring your own in addition.



What happens if it rains?2019-10-01T15:39:35-07:00

Via Las Vegas will be held sprinkle or shine. If the forecast calls for rain, we will take every precaution to protect the artwork until the storm passes.

How much does it cost to attend the Festival?2020-02-21T11:42:29-08:00

Via Las Vegas is our gift to the city.  Admission is FREE.

When and where is Via Las Vegas?2020-02-21T11:42:09-08:00

Via Las Vegas takes place on September 19th – 20th at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas.


How to register your school.

Please contact Melanie Van Latum at [email protected] with questions. There is no fee to enter.

Requirements/deadlines for being an Alievo artist.

One team per school will be chosen.

Each team member must currently attend a Clark County High School (as of September 2020).

Maximum 4 students per team

Artwork must adhere to the following:

• a) Must be drawn using pastels (pastel pencils, soft pastels, hard pastels only).

• b) Art work must be square, 20” x 20” (inches) completed edge to edge.

• c) Must be a hand-done creation by one or all team members.

• d) Each entry must be an original work and cannot violate U.S. Copyright Laws.

• e) A fully completed application form must be attached to each entry including each team member.

• f) Artwork must be submitted to the Via Las Vegas office by Friday, May 30th, 2020.

• g) Artist agree to be photographed by festival photographer and public during event.

Chosen Artwork
There is no limit on the number of students or schools that can apply.  Participating teams will be chosen and notified by August 17th, 2020.  Artwork will be returned at event closing.

Event Days
Student Teams will check in at Artist tent morning of day 1 for supplies and meal tickets.  They must be on site and working both days of the event to create their winning design on the Tivoli Cobblestones along side Professional Artists and Muralists.  Team squares will be 10 x 10 feet.

A Teacher or Parent must attend Via Las Vegas with their student team.

Completed High School Street Paintings will be judged by a team of Professional Artists and Festival Officials mid day on Sunday, September 20th.
Scholarships will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place student teams at festival closing.

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